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Whether you are working at Mcdonald’s or working on Wall street, education is the key to empowering yourself to take charge of your financial future. Whether you have $100 or $10,000,000 in savings, we believe that you should have a basic understanding of how the stock market works. You should know how to manage your own money,so that you can control your financial future. if you’re paying others to manage your money, now you can learn to do it yourself — it’s not as difficult as you might think. it’s a fact that most brokers and money managers can’t outperform the market. They pay themselves and their secretaries and their marketing expenses first, and then the investors get to share whatever profits are left. learn to manage your money yourself, and you’re already ahead because 

you don’t have a broker or money manager’s expenses! investing 101 will teach you about the different investment choices available to you, how the stock market works, how to evaluate stocks, and how to build and manage a well balanced portfolio. Before we jump in, please understand that this course is not about getting rich quick; this course is about getting richslowly.Successful investing requires constant education and a disciplined approach. The goal is to grow rich over a lifetime of savings and prudent investing decisions, so pleaseresist offers from so-called investment gurus who promise to make you a million dollars in the next year. investing 101 will show you how money and wealth are really generated; by carefully investing over time, and by balancing risk with potential returns.ready? Then let’s begin.

Table of Contents

Introduction  3

1   Understanding Investment Choices  4

2   How the Stock Market Works and Why It Moves  26

3   Making Your First Trade  44

4   Building Your $100,000 Portfolio  58

5  Now That I Own It, What Should I Do?  70

6  Fundamental Analysis: Understanding Earnings & Cash Flow  82

7  Technical Analysis: Common Charts & Terms  102

8  Current Topics In Trading  130

9  Introduction to Options  150

10  The Survivors’ Guide To Success  168

11  Quiz Answers  184

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